In GJW Legal Office we develop 8 main specializations. The selection of legal disciplines in which we offer the highest competences has been a natural process and is a consequence of the long-term, good cooperation with our clients: institutions, medium and large companies. Our expertise regarding these specializations allows us to satisfy in full all the needs regarding legal support of the majority of companies (including companies operating in certain regulated markets).

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Energy industry, sector-specific regulations, competition protection

The area of energy and regulatory practice are the pillars of GJW. Our energy law team has been supporting the leaders of the electricity and gas sectors in Poland. It constitutes not only experienced legal professionals, but also people who participated in the legislation of Energy Law. The sum of our experiences allowed us to provide legal support for the largest projects in the industry.

Litigation, pursuing claims, debt collection

The GJW team of specialists provides comprehensive legal representation before all courts and institutions. We represent our Clients in pre-trial negotiations, mediation proceedings and in proceedings before courts and government bodies. In particular, we specialize in handling business disputes and litigation. Knowledge gained through many years of experience in various disputes helps us to develop effective ways of supporting our Clients, that often enables us to avoid engaging in usually long and costly procedures of judicial resolution of conflict.

Public procurement, purchase and procurement processes

Public procurement law is a significant area of GWJ law practice. Our team provides comprehensive legal support on every stage of procurement proceedings – both for contracting authorities and contractors. We also support procurement processes that are not subject to the Public Procurement Act.

Transactions – mergers, takeovers, obtaining financing, reorganizations

GJW lawyers can boast about having a rare characteristic amongst practitioners of the law: understanding of business realities. The unique experience of our team has been developed by providing legal services to the largest companies of the energy sector. In our work, we are always looking for effective and secure ways of implementing our Clients’ business ventures – regardless of whether they are large capital groups, companies or individual entrepreneurs.

IT law, intellectual property, personal data protection

Competence of GJW lawyers specializing in IT law is based on a broad knowledge of systems and information technology, and knowledge of principles of their operation and licensing. We have supported Clients in the course of tendering processes, implementation of IT systems and issuing claims related to the projects.

The investment process

We provide comprehensive legal support of investment processes. We advise both investors and contractors (subcontractors).

We have supported a variety of construction projects – at the stage of planning, preparation and execution. Our experience in this field includes complex multimillion investments in the power sector. We participated in projects related to the construction and modernization of linear and production facilities, including renewables.

Labour law

We provide comprehensive legal support services in the scope of individual employment and collective employment law. Our team has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating of various documents relating to entering into and terminating employment  contracts, management contracts, employment and remuneration regulations, as well as company’s social benefits fund regulations. We represent our clients in labour courts and support them in the course of the control or inspection proceedings conducted by PIP –  National Labor Inspectorate and ZUS – State Social Insurance Institution.

EU funds – service for beneficiaries and institutions

We provide legal services within the scope of the projects co-financed with the use of EU funds. We represent our clients before the programme managing authorities and intermediary institutions and support the implementation of procedures for disbursement of the funds, taking into account the principle of competitiveness.