• selected areas of expertise developed consistently since the launch of our law firm in 2011, in which we offer the highest level of competence,
  • experience of the team including participation in complex business projects with significant values (documented by numerous customer reviews),
  • substitutability and the size of the GJW team which enables us to configure interdisciplinary task forces,
  • flexible and solution-focused approach to problem solving – in line with our message “we understand law as the sum of your capabilities"
  • attention to the quality of service and business usability

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About us

GJW Gramza and Partners Law Firm was established in 2011, based on several years of professional experience of its founders. Since the late 1990s, for a number of years, prior to establishing the GJW Law Firm, its founders had been professionally involved with one of the largest Energy Groups in Poland. Within its structures, they carried out various tasks, not only related to legal representation. Their expertise from that period also includes managing business units and projects, managing the Group's companies and participating in companies' supervisory bodies. The cooperation covered a period of very dynamic development of the corporate group, which, starting in 2003, over a period of 15 years, from a local company engaged in electricity distribution in the region of Wielkopolska, became the second largest player in the Polish energy market, a Group listed in the WIG20 index, which focuses the entire business value chain – starting with the extraction of primary fuels (mine), through generation (power plants), to the distribution and trading of electricity and the sale of heat.

In the course of the cooperation, the founding partners of the GJW Law Firm collaborated with major international law and consulting firms (the world's leading strategic advisory firms, major auditing and consulting firms) in many projects. Those experiences, including many years of exposure to consulting services provided at the highest level, became the basis for the idea of launching GJW Law Firm – a law firm offering high efficiency and top quality legal services while maintaining a reasonable level of remuneration.

In 2020, Attorney-at-law Paulina Meller-Kmiecik joined our partners. Paulina Meller-Kmiecik is an attorney-at-law with extensive expertise, gained over several years while cooperating with three corporate groups in the FMCG, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. Attorney-at-law Meller-Kmiecik specializes in labour law, investment processes, M&A transactions and legal representation for projects financed by European Union funds.

Our approach

Regulatory developments always remain “one step behind" the dynamically changing reality. This is a certain logical property that has existed since the dawn of time – the law is a tool with which the legislator shapes various relations: social, business, administrative, and responds to various phenomena and events.

Our Clients are entrepreneurs operating in an increasingly complex and frequently changing reality. As addressees of a huge number of regulations, intended to “order" the conduct of business, they are increasingly operating in two separate dimensions – real business based on simple principles of balancing supply and demand, and a “formal superstructure" consisting of hundreds of smaller and larger obligations towards various state institutions, local governments, other business entities, clients and consumers.

This is where our role begins. We have created a law firm operating in 9 selected areas of legal practice, within which we offer services of top quality and utility. We strive to look through the eyes and needs of our Clients – business people focused on developing their products and services, creating jobs, making investments, improving their organizations and fighting for customers. Our task is to support these activities in such a way that the formal setting of business operations (legal representation) involves the owners and managers of our Clients' enterprises as little as possible.

The offer of GJW Law Firm is to provide the services of legal assistance in order to realistically help run and grow a business and avoid risks and claims. We translate our approach into actionable practice through:

  • strict specialization based on constant updating of knowledge and many years of expertise,
  • application of developed patterns and standards of conduct,
  • flexible approach to the principles of cooperation,
  • creativity in the search for solutions – to the limit of the law,
  • daily attention to the quality and business usefulness of the services provided.

We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming you among our Clients.

Cooperation model

We are open to the expectations of our Clients in terms of shaping the model of cooperation.

Our preferred model of interaction is “mutual adjustment" based on understanding of the client’s needs and the existing conditions on the part of the law firm to deliver quality services to the client.

We have extensive experience of providing services at the Client’s premises in the formula of “elevated" office. Cooperation in such a model allows the firm’s lawyers to participate in the life of the company and have unrestricted contact with the staff, which is excellent for the quality and efficiency of cooperation.

We are able to work efficiently and under time pressure, we are mobile. The office of GJW Law Firm is located in Poznań, but we provide our services throughout Poland and beyond. Our associates work in Kraków, Białystok, Warsaw and Wrocław, among other locations.

We have a complete IT and technical infrastructure that enables us to remotely contact the Client in any form and with a high level of communication security. Very often we stay in touch with our Clients online – holding meetings using Teams, Zoom and Skype platforms. Selected lawyers of our Law Firm hold a qualified electronic signature, the use of which, in accordance with current regulations, is equivalent in effect to a traditional signature.