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Attorney-at-law at GJW Law Firm. He specializes in energy law and the provision of services to local government units.


Prior to joining GJW, he worked, among other places, at the Energy Regulatory Office, where his duties included numerous administrative proceedings in cases relating to the granting of licenses (promises), in cases relating to the approval of tariffs for energy companies subject to licensing, in cases relating to the settlement of disputes concerning connection to the gas and electricity grids, and in cases relating to the imposition of fines in connection with violations of the provisions of licenses and energy laws. He was also in charge of monitoring compliance with the conditions of a licensed business and resolving disputes and complaints from customers about the activities of energy companies (quality parameters, customer service).

He has extensive litigation experience, particularly in handling cases in the fields of contract law, consumer protection, property and inheritance law. He also represented Clients in proceedings before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (application for a trademark in order to obtain protective rights), criminal and criminal-tax proceedings, and administrative proceedings in the field of construction law and real estate management.

Education, Qualifications

An attorney-at-law, member of the Kraków Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law.