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We focus on providing services that create the value of our clients’ businesses. We understand the meaning of quality in legal services and know how to use our expertise knowledge as well as many years of experience of our team lawyers to address the challenges our clients put before themselves.

We develop 8 main specializations – legal practice areas in which we offer the highest competences. The offer of our services allows us to meet in full legal needs of most companies. We build lasting relationships with our clients.

The key lawyers of GJW Legal Office are a team with a composition of legal practitioners that is stable and steady. We have been working together for years, and very good relations between us translate into the efficiency and effectiveness of services we offer.

What can we offer?

  • comprehensive legal support for business
  • the highest level of competence in the areas of our Law Office specializations
  • many years of experience of lawyers forming GJW Legal Office Team
  • flexible and creative approach to solving legal problems
  • we always adopt a perspective subordinated to the business objectives of our clients efficient
  • effective and timely completion of services provided

How to contact us?

We will gladly take the time to discuss the needs of your company. Please make a non-binding phone call or meet us.




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