Who we are?

GJW Legal Office is a team of more than a dozen experienced lawyers - legal advisers who have been practicing for many years in the fields that make up the offer of our Legal Office.

We develop 9 major specializations. The selection of legal disciplines in which we offer high competence has been a natural process and is a consequence of the long-term, good cooperation with our clients - medium and large companies. Our fields of expertise satisfy in full all the needs in the area of legal support of the majority of companies (including companies operating in certain regulated markets).

GJW Legal Office key lawyers are a team with a permanent membership. We have been working together for many years and very good relations between us translate into the efficiency and effectiveness of our professional activities which our clients appreciate.

Learn more about us - our team, our experience and strategies for problem solving that we offer.


What can we offer?

  • comprehensive legal support for business entities
  • the highest level of competence in the areas of specialization of our Legal Office
  • long-standing experience of lawyers forming the GJW team
  • flexible and creative approach to solving problems
  • way of providing services subordinated to the business goals of our Clients.
  • smooth, effective and timely performance of services

We will gladly take the time to discuss the needs of your company. Please make a non-binding phone call or meet us.

How to contact us?

We will get back to you as soon as possible, but not later than on the next working day.